06 March 2009

Spring Break....

Spring Break.

The word brings conflicting emotions. A week of time to kill is kind of scary. I have been in such a routine that this will be completely foreign to me.  Spring break brings life to a stop. The University provides my schooling and my job. 

Staying busy is what keeps me sane, considering I have not established a network of friends at this school yet. Guess that's my fault. I have a few friends, but not very many that stay on campus. Most people on campus, this including my roommate are more concerned with their social life than their educations. I guess that's the problem with being a 23(24 in May) year old still in undergraduate school. 

They might be where I am one day. When I was 18-21 I did not care about my education either.

Live and Learn. Usually the hard way.  

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