15 March 2009

Spring Break is almost over............ bout time

Tomorrow school starts back up again and I am relieved. Spring break always brings up feelings I don't particularly enjoy. Idle time make the mind wonder from its goals and from reality. I just don't like it. It messes up the schedule and rhythm of the year. Now I am going to have to get back into the groove, or should I say create a new groove (starting some self improving life changes).

This spring break I was lonely, real lonely. I realized how much my life has changed now living in Beaumont. My old friends that I had from my high school days here in Southeast Texas have all moved, gotten married, or failed to evolve from their high school state of mind. These three things have successfully depleted my friend reserves. Also, the friends I have made on campus here were of course all gone for the break. 

The result was a lonely, random, thought provoking, and self reflecting week. I have thought of some ways to improve my life. I wont bloviate about that here, yet. One thing that was relatively nice about  Spring Break is how quiet and peaceful it was on campus. That's changing as the onslaught of returning students has disrupted my serenity. An invasion of irrational, over horomoned, and rowdy students that are more concerned about their lives then their school. I'm not saying that people shouldn't have fun, but please take into considerations the people who are here to go to school in a peaceful environment. People that live on campus should be the most studious. I don't think that is the case though.

Back to the grind babe.

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