29 March 2009

The Gustapo has landed.

The G-Parents flew in from Belize, CA on friday. I picked them up at the IAH Bush Airport. They were of course travel fatigued, but it was enormously good to see them. They are my world. They helped raise me and for all entinsive purposes they are my parents. It was great to see them. I dont like the fact the are gone 4 months at a time, but hey if it keeps them young and happy. Go for it I say. You only live once, and when Im 80 i hope I get to do what I want to do. Those people down there give them a purpose, their family in the States doesnt carry that same weight. They havc a purpose and a mission when they are down there. The United States only gives them frustration. Myself included. I guess I am slightly greedy for wanting them all to myself. They are so loving, caring, and they help me so much. I would go crazy without them. 

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