19 March 2009

Getting in shape for me and my father and my manhood

One of the self improvment projects I started over spring break is a vigorous workout program. I plan on not only getting in shape, but also I plan on getting ripped. I am allready in a decent shape, but I want to be able to to be happy with my body when I take my shirt off this summer. I have been working out every other day. I am starting to notice results in my arms and now I am starting the chest so I can stay balanced. 

I started this in conjunction with drinking less coke and more water. SO far I am noticed a little improvement, if only my father figures in my life could see this , they wouldnt make fun of my ass anymore! That was my main motivation for starting this. I went to see my dad while he was in Houston for the weekend. He ragged me for being scrawny and he didnt want his son being pushed around. I took it pretty hard, the hardest person to take critizism from is your dad if you a man that is. Because it he is half you and if hes making fun of you then he has a right too. So I went to wal-mart and bought some weight gainer/creatine and started humping it. For my size I think Im doing pretty good.
I got to work my pecs more heh.

Being put down by your dad is hard to handle its like an attack on our manhood.
So here I come dad.....

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