12 February 2009

Showing maturity and renforcing myself.

It did not take long for my college professor to put a lid on my optimism. She told me my chances of getting accepted as a sophomore were small. But, she said If I worked with her closely next semester on her research project then I could have a far better chance of being in next years program at UT. This was encouraging because at least I will be a part of the departments research here on campus. I feel the need to use my  knowledge. That is one of the principal reaons I am pushing so hard for the Sociology Student Association(SSA) to be established here on campus. 
Not only that but an english paper I wrote must not have been properly saved by me. I dont have the current revised version on my comp, so I AM HAVING TO RETYPE IT!
I hate doing work twice. :(
My fault tho, no one to blame but myself.

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