17 February 2009

Looking up and out

(as I jam old school Paul Van Dyk, Global CD)

Once again my hopes have been raised. I will start working on the research project this semester.I was under the thought that I would ahve to wait till next semester to work with her.  Also, I have been given some insight into forming AKD at Lamar, the honor society for Sociology. I have also gotten an A on my first Social Theory Test, WTF!!!! This and also my professor knows how determined I am to get into graduate school,  she is gonna help me. Most likely with scholarships as well. Heck yeah! It pays to be determined and optimistic, and also, at risk of ruining my non-existent social profile, department pet. I think I used too many commas in that sentence. :D
My professor has so much interest in me that she gave me her Research Methods Book, WTF! I love it. I have not even had that class yet, next semester I will.  She gave me the info on AKD, and also she is using me during open house to try to recruit more sociologists. haha. awesome. I love how things are falling in place for me, finally, it is happening to me , right in front of my face, I just cannot hide it. 

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