11 February 2009

The future is only a moment away!

Today my Social Theory professor informed me about an opportunity to go to the University of Texas for the summer. It would be a all expenses paid research project directed by the University of Texas' Population Research Center. I would get credit hours towards my degree plan and make valuable contacts at UT if I plan on going to Graduate School there. If I was accepted, I would definitely plan on going to UT. Now If I do not get accepted for the program I will probably be peer advising the incoming freshmen this summer. I apparently did well in the group interview, because out of 6 people in the group, they at least called me for a second. Although, I don't know If any of the others made it. I am excited as I love helping people in general, and helping fellow students even more. High School is a joke now days and even more so in Southeast Texas. These kids are in for a rude awakening, and I want to be able to help them cope. 
It really is unforunate that the schools are in the condition they are in. They were bad when I went through them 6 years ago. Wow, six years since I was a senor in High School. How time flys. When I reflect on these past 6 years, the first thing I think is how much time I have wasted. I then think about how I am so much better prepared for life in general now then I was back then though.  I am grateful for my families support and encouragement. I am also lucky to be as priviledged as I am. 

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