09 February 2009

College Engagement and SSA/SGA/STARS

Lately, I  have become more and more entrenched in academia. I am not complaining. I quit wal-mart after I was accepted into the STARS program at Lamar University. I will be tutoring students and running a study hall for the athletes that need it. So, basically I am now employed by LU. I don't have to leave campus to go to school or work. Tomorrow I will also interview to be a Peer Advisor. I like helping people, and I like to make it easier for these bright students to apply themselves and use their higher  level thinking capabilities.  
On a separate but related note, we have officially reestablished the Sociology Students Association at the University. SSA, as it will be known, will be a club for sociology majors, minors, and those interested in the field. I will be the webmaster/historian and also a founding member. I am so excited about being apart of something bigger than myself. I believe being engaged in school activities increases success in life. I am also attending the Student Government Association meetings. Fun stuff. Now if I could just find a girlfriend :)

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