21 February 2009

Always wanted to be a star!

Brookhaven College is a 2 year community college in Dallas County, Texas. I went there for a semester while living in Dallas last year. They did a shoot in one of my classrooms and asked us questions. I never knew it would be on the internet! Haha. Awesome. I forgot how short my hair was then.

17 February 2009

Looking up and out

(as I jam old school Paul Van Dyk, Global CD)

Once again my hopes have been raised. I will start working on the research project this semester.I was under the thought that I would ahve to wait till next semester to work with her.  Also, I have been given some insight into forming AKD at Lamar, the honor society for Sociology. I have also gotten an A on my first Social Theory Test, WTF!!!! This and also my professor knows how determined I am to get into graduate school,  she is gonna help me. Most likely with scholarships as well. Heck yeah! It pays to be determined and optimistic, and also, at risk of ruining my non-existent social profile, department pet. I think I used too many commas in that sentence. :D
My professor has so much interest in me that she gave me her Research Methods Book, WTF! I love it. I have not even had that class yet, next semester I will.  She gave me the info on AKD, and also she is using me during open house to try to recruit more sociologists. haha. awesome. I love how things are falling in place for me, finally, it is happening to me , right in front of my face, I just cannot hide it. 

12 February 2009

Showing maturity and renforcing myself.

It did not take long for my college professor to put a lid on my optimism. She told me my chances of getting accepted as a sophomore were small. But, she said If I worked with her closely next semester on her research project then I could have a far better chance of being in next years program at UT. This was encouraging because at least I will be a part of the departments research here on campus. I feel the need to use my  knowledge. That is one of the principal reaons I am pushing so hard for the Sociology Student Association(SSA) to be established here on campus. 
Not only that but an english paper I wrote must not have been properly saved by me. I dont have the current revised version on my comp, so I AM HAVING TO RETYPE IT!
I hate doing work twice. :(
My fault tho, no one to blame but myself.

11 February 2009

The future is only a moment away!

Today my Social Theory professor informed me about an opportunity to go to the University of Texas for the summer. It would be a all expenses paid research project directed by the University of Texas' Population Research Center. I would get credit hours towards my degree plan and make valuable contacts at UT if I plan on going to Graduate School there. If I was accepted, I would definitely plan on going to UT. Now If I do not get accepted for the program I will probably be peer advising the incoming freshmen this summer. I apparently did well in the group interview, because out of 6 people in the group, they at least called me for a second. Although, I don't know If any of the others made it. I am excited as I love helping people in general, and helping fellow students even more. High School is a joke now days and even more so in Southeast Texas. These kids are in for a rude awakening, and I want to be able to help them cope. 
It really is unforunate that the schools are in the condition they are in. They were bad when I went through them 6 years ago. Wow, six years since I was a senor in High School. How time flys. When I reflect on these past 6 years, the first thing I think is how much time I have wasted. I then think about how I am so much better prepared for life in general now then I was back then though.  I am grateful for my families support and encouragement. I am also lucky to be as priviledged as I am. 

09 February 2009

College Engagement and SSA/SGA/STARS

Lately, I  have become more and more entrenched in academia. I am not complaining. I quit wal-mart after I was accepted into the STARS program at Lamar University. I will be tutoring students and running a study hall for the athletes that need it. So, basically I am now employed by LU. I don't have to leave campus to go to school or work. Tomorrow I will also interview to be a Peer Advisor. I like helping people, and I like to make it easier for these bright students to apply themselves and use their higher  level thinking capabilities.  
On a separate but related note, we have officially reestablished the Sociology Students Association at the University. SSA, as it will be known, will be a club for sociology majors, minors, and those interested in the field. I will be the webmaster/historian and also a founding member. I am so excited about being apart of something bigger than myself. I believe being engaged in school activities increases success in life. I am also attending the Student Government Association meetings. Fun stuff. Now if I could just find a girlfriend :)