24 January 2009

dorm life and the future

A few things.

I am beginning to like living at the dorms with a few exceptions.
First thing is that the Internet is slow here. Second thing is that I don't like how I can hear my neighbors, which mind you, are college students and so very loud, and likely to party, or have loud music. But I get to call the CA(kinda like the dorm managers) and they will make them be quiet. I don't like doing it, but I'm 23,and paying a lot of money to live/go to school here, and I don't wanna be up till 3 in the morning from someones stereo. 

Now a few things I like.
First, I love the university life. Studying and going to school is enjoyable to me. Second, I am learning about new cultures. Third, I am meeting new people and discovering more about myself.
I am also gaining a stronger connection with black people. They are the dominate group here at this school, and me being a nerdy white boy, I am learning to appreciate and learn how to interact with them. Not something I would be able to do living on my own.  


I really want to engage in the student life more than I am now. I want to get involved in the university's programs and organizations. But I work too much for that. So I am still  debating on wither I should take out student loans and just not work while in school. I also just realized that I will not be able to persure my master here at Lamar University because they have no M.A. program here. I will have to go to UT in Austin, or another state in order to furfill my goal of a M.A. or Ph.D. Oklahoma University has a MA and Ph.D program, and its relatively close ehhh! This is still 2 years away from me having to worry though. Btw, in case you don't know. My major is Sociology.

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