16 December 2008

Taking less money and swallowing pride for a better future return for success and happiness.

I live in Carrollton, TX. I go to Brookhaven College which is part of Dallas Community Colleges. Its a good school but it is not the big league. I am getting close to having to transfer to a 4 year university so that I can finish my school. Dallas is expensive, relative to Texas anyway. I made a decision to return to Beaumont to go to Lamar University. 

 Good school, close to home, cheap to live, close to the family, security net
Close to home, close to family, no jobs

I know that If I go to school at Lamar University, close to my family that I will have my safety net that I have been denying myself and most likely succeed in college. But I will have to swallow my pride and take a huge cut in pay. From 15 dollars an hour to 9.35 an hour. I believe this will be good for me in the long run as my education will compensate once I complete school. At least, this is my hope. I am 23, and basically a sophomore, I am behind and I need to catch up. 

I believe that my lack of drive for school has given me exceptional life experiences that I cannot replace. I believe these make me appreciate my chance at school even more. My rise and fall in the party world, my failed but passionate marriage, my failed retail journey which makes me want to get my degree even more. I have learned through my experience in retail management that I care for people too much to cheat them. I want to TEACH and mentor them. I believe my new life goal is to get my doctorate so that I can teach my whole life. I believe it is my calling, my passion, and my life's ultimate end. I have sorta new this all along, I just now realize that I can only achieve it one way, and that is to just buckle down and get it done. Pride and self be damned, I have to sacrifice if I want to achieve my end means. 

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