18 December 2008

Life is ironic.

I went into a Office Depot today in Carrollton(I work for the company) to fax my application to live on campus at Lamar University. Well, while inside filling out my paperwork I notice a beautiful woman sales associate. She really caught my attention and I talked to the man helping me about her. Turns out she didn't have a boyfriend, and knowing that I was moving soon, I bargained in my head about "having nothing to lose".  Well, I went up to talk to her about buying something and she showed me where it was in the store, I then preceded to ask her out on a date and for her number, I'm sure I sounded cheesy and I'm sure she was annoyed. Well, she accepted and gave me her number, which I was sure was fake. She told me to text her because she doesn't answer the phone when the number is unknown. So I did, and she called me! We talked on the phone for about 10-15 minutes and we made plans to hang out tonight. Go figure. Now, I do have something to lose, she knows I'm moving to Beaumont, so we will see where this goes, at the very least, I will have a new friend. A smart beautiful headstrong friend that could possibly be more. From our conversation she seems to be a lot like the other girls I have dated in my days. 

I have always liked head strong and independent women. I want a woman who doesn't require me to emotionally babysit her. I'm excited. I hope things go smoothly tonight, I do have a natural ability to get awkward and unconfident

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